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  • INSCRIPTIONS VAGABOND /Vent de fraîcheur | Mixbus Studio

    Bières Vagabond & Mixbus Studio s'unissent pour créer un VENT DE FRAÎCHEUR La bière qui encourage la musique d’ici Vagabond et Mixbus s’unissent pour le projet Vent de fraîcheur , une bière collaborative qui encourage les talents musicaux émergents à réaliser leur rêve! En plus d’offrir à 12 artistes du Québec une session dans le studio nomade du Mixbus, chaque canette de Vent de fraîcheur les font découvrir via un code QR. ​ Inscris ton projet musical et cours la chance d’être parmi les 12 artistes/formations sélectionné.e.s par Vagabond et le Mixbus pour propulser ta musique grâce à la bière Vent de fraîcheur . ​ Ça commence dès ce printemps et ce, tout au long de l’année. Pour participer, tu n'as qu'à remplir le formulaire ci-dessous. Formulaire d'inscription Sois un des talents des sessions Vent de fraîcheur 🌿 Prénom Nom Email Ville Nom de ton projet musical / band Genre musical Lien vers une chanson Qu'est-ce qui fait de ton projet un vent de fraîcheur musical? Envoyer Merci pour ta candidature et bonne chance! Who Are We formulaire

  • Scènes mobiles et studios nomades | Mixbus Studio | Québec

    LIVE THE ADVENTURE MIXBUS THREE SCHOOL BUSES CONVERTED IN RECORDING STUDIOS AND TURNKEY MOBILE STAGES WHO WE ARE The Mixbus Studio is a broadcaster of musical content through its three buses converted into recording studios and mobile stages. We create and produce magical cultural content (music recording - live session - outdoor shows) accessible by digital broadcasting (live shows recording - 360 videos). ​ Our mission is to make the musical culture of Quebec shine by meeting the communities, the territory and the artists who make it wonderfull. ​ ​ Graphic separation element To do this, we tour the province's events and festivals with our skoolies. Our music-loving road trip is punctuated by live sessions with the most prominent artists as well as emerging talents from the regions visited. We punctuate our stops with performances on our unique stages, DJ sets or party buses! ​ The three Mixbus buses become creative installations, promoting a fulfilling (and fun) environment for local music. ​ MIXBUS ESSENCE The Mixbus Studio stands out with a unique concept in North America that enhances the traditional role of the studio and the venue. By being nomadic, studios or stages move throughout Quebec and promote the influence of talent from across the province. The artists record or perform in places that inspire them and that showcase their locality. Mobile stages and studios create an ecosystem of musical discoveries that is good for events, spectators and artists. Graphic leaves element Wishes to inspire by its alternative lifestyle and collaborative philosophy Graphic hands element We have values of discovery, solidarity and magic A concept of mobile stages and nomadic studios unique in Canada Graphic arrow element STUDIOS AND MOBILE STAGES Graphic arrow element We have THREE school buses converted into mobile stages and nomadic studios to do your musical projects! The skoolies were transformed by hand according to the regulations in force in Quebec, over several months, with the invaluable help of family members and friends. This is why they are unique in their genre. Rain or shine Summer, like winter Graphic speaker element Technical, sound, turnkey lighting Autonomous in electricity Services SERVICES Graphic arrow element Graphic arrow element The Mixbus Studio is a big toy with a lot of potential for your musical project! We have the skills, the equipment and the imagination to make all your dream come true . Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your ideas. Our turnkey formulas will charm you. We travel everywhere in Quebec and why not elsewhere in the world (when will a Portuguese invite us to cross by boat?) ​ Our clientele is as varied as our services: festivals, artists, record companies, municipalities, event promoters, youth organizations, community organizations ... Do not hesitate to say hello when your project involves music! Mobile Stage Rental La Groovy au Bière Garden Moving shows Spectacle d'Elisapie au Festival Bleubleu. Crédit photo Benoit Daoust Lighting Crédit photo par A&B Gaspésie DJ Set Photo par Frédérique Savard Live session Live session avec la Bronze dans le cadre du Festival Far Recording Podcast Broadcast Captation en direct, en différée ou en 360. Crédit Photo Philippe Lavoie Backstage Intérieur de la Funk

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