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Matt Hullobusky


Since its foundation, we make more than 60 live sessions and a hundred outdoor shows!


Among the artists who have played on the Mixbus, we find among others Hubert Lenoir, Safia Nolin, Philippe Brach, Laurence Anne, Matt Hullobusky and Louis-Jean Cormier.  

All sessions are available on our Facebook page here. 

The Mixbus Studio participates each year in about fifteen festivals throughout Quebec. You could see us at Bleubleu, FMBM, Festival Mural, Widewood, Festival en chanson de Petite-Vallée, Noce and many others!

In 2020, we won the Oser Innover award from UQAM and MTLab, which rewards innovative companies. We were a finalist for the 2021 RJCCQ Grands Prix de la relève.



In the summer of 2020 in response to the pandemic,  the  Mixbus and 6 festivals come together to offer a new way to enjoy culture and travel thanks to  The Mixbus musical adventure!  


This is a tour of 6 outdoor shows broadcast live on the Urbania Facebook page and  partner festivals across Quebec: La Noce, the MURAL Urban Art Festival, the Petite-Vallée en Chanson Festival, Go-Van, the BleuBleu Festival and the Festival de la solidarité Musicale.


From July 29 to August 16, we broadcast 6 shows online  captured in enchanting places in the province with artists such as Elisapie, Naya Ali, Jérôme 50, Sarahmée, Émile Bilodeau and Zen Bamboo. 

The Mixbus musical adventure is an initiative developed in solidarity with canceled festivals and artists who have seen their shows postponed. In response to restricted cultural activities, the project aims to present free and accessible musical content.


This ambitious project was  possible thanks to the exceptional collaboration of 6 festival partners, Urbania and the support of SODEC.  


We are currently working on a project called The Musical Route, which consists of developing an innovative way of digitally consuming culture (we're crazy!).


We have in mind  geolocate 360 musical performances with augmented reality on the territory. These anchors will determine  a discovery trail navigable by mobile application, where the user sees the artist materialize in front of him for an intimate and magical micro-concert.


With this  project we have as objectives of  promote digital art in the region and improve the local cultural offer.


We want to participate in the discoverability of artists and in the creation of a digital musical heritage like an open-air library of shows (yep, nothing less).

We are currently at the research and development stage. More info to follow!

Aventure musicale
Parcours 360
Les tournées

In the summer of 2020, faced with the pandemic that isolated seniors, the Mixbus Studio embarked on a tour of 35 outdoor shows for seniors' residences across Quebec. Residents could thus enjoy an intimate concert, from the comfort of their balcony.  The Mixbus Studio moved around the facades of the residences for everyone to benefit.  

During this tour, we hired more than ten emerging artists.  

We are particularly happy to have widened our audience, the golden age being the spectators of choice!  

We repeated the experiment on a smaller scale in 2021 :)

Madelyne Walelo de l’École polyvalente Le Carrefour.png


Pandemic forces, the organizers of the Rendez-vous panquebecois de Secondaire en spectacle (SES) have opted for a virtual version of their event in 2021.


This is why they called on the Mixbus Studio to record the performances of the young winners across Quebec!  We have crisscrossed  the routes of 5 different regions with our mobile studio. 

Mirani Coelho du Collège Nouvelles Frontières


From the end of September to October 2021,  Atchoum and his team were on a crazy tour to the four corners of Quebec!

For a month, the Mixbus Studio music bus accompanied the Atchoum team to reach as many children as possible in 11 days.

Thanks to the support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec , nearly 2,500 young people were able to dance and sing to the music of Atchoum and his musicians.

Here are some “behind the scenes” moments of a morning tour captured by the MJ Production team .



Star Académie is collaborating with the Mixbus Studio for its 2022 season. The production makes our mobile studio available to academics, stationed directly on the waterloise property.


The singers will record the Star Académie album. It is also in our nomadic recording studio, equipped with a mobile stage on the roof, that the group will put to music the theme song for the 2022 season.

Star Académie
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