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Fall in love with this 30 foot by 8 foot turnkey mobile stage painted by the artist  Dalkhafine.  This stage can accommodate up to 10 artists for a show!  

The interior space has been carefully sounded. The walls allow sound to be absorbed while the ceiling acts as a diffuser. It is perfect for sound recording! This space can also be suitable for other various needs being modular:


Recording and live session


Intimate show

Party bus

Traveling exhibition

Sale of promotional items

Space for sponsorship



This is the founding bus of the Mixbus Studio!  


This school bus converted to a turnkey 20 foot by 8 foot mobile stage with 46 inch guards. Very flexible for travel in small spaces, the bus takes two parking spaces only (26 feet). It is ideal for performances by 4 artists or less. It is painted by the artist La Charbonne.  

Inside, the MixBus Studio is equipped with musical instruments, quality audio equipment, the latest music production software, as well as a sound mixing space.  It has a heating system inside and can therefore be active in summer as well as in winter.  

It is also our mini-home to travel across Quebec for the most epic musical road trip (yeah)!


The last baby in the family! A 30 foot by 8 foot stage and a funky look! It can accommodate up to 5 artists with distancing (more than 5 if distancing is not necessary). The design was made by the Mixbus gang during a festival!


Perfect for your outdoor mobile stage rental needs for stationary or moving shows.

The interior space is transformed into a dressing room to welcome your artists and offer them a top fun cool experience.

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