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The Mixbus Studio was founded in 2017 by Jacob Pomerleau, a self-produced artist from East Broughton. This sound creator and cultural entrepreneur came up with the idea of a nomadic recording studio when he was looking for a way to make a living from music in nature and in the city. It was inspired by a mobile studio tradition among bands like the Rolling Stones. What was supposed to be a personal project at the start, it quickly turned into a business. The positive response to its innovation confirmed the interest from the music industry.  

In 2018, Jacob set out on the roads of Quebec. It toured 13 festivals across the country. As two first artists, he receives Philippe Brach and Hubert Lenoir, which sets the stage for a series of live sessions carried out as an event. In all, he carries out more than thirty sessions, therefore promotional material that allows emerging artists to make themselves known.  Longer-lasting projects like the Love in Fear and Magic Down albums are also carried out at the studio during the winter period which is less hectic. At the same time, Jacob created the L'Aternative à Thetford Mines festival presented on June 6, 7 and 8 in the city center. This first edition attracted more than 1000 festival-goers.  



Following the enthusiasm around this original concept, the Mixbus Studio is becoming more professional and welcoming Isabelle Langlois to the team in April 2019. They are setting up additional services and fine-tuning existing ones in order to respond adequately to the demands of the music industry: renewing the stage experience, democratizing music in remote regions, diversifying the range of shows, offering affordable promotional video production services (live sessions) for artists across Quebec.  


In the spring of 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Mixbus entrepreneurial team made the decision to expand its fleet. The government health measures surrounding cultural events demonstrate to the organization that a music distribution vehicle allowing social distancing is an opportunity not to be missed. This is why they bought a second school bus in order to convert it into a turnkey 30-foot nomadic stage with a sound and multi-function interior. This concept, unique in Canada, allows outdoor shows to be held, whether stationary or in motion, while respecting sanitary measures. We are carrying out a tour of residences for the elderly. In order to show solidarity with the canceled festivals, we also developed a project called The Mixbus musical adventure, which consisted in offering six regional festivals a show in an extraordinary place broadcast live on Facebook and amplified by Urbania.  This project was funded by SODEC as well as a second component which supports the development of an innovative way of digitally consuming culture. We won the Ose Innovate award from UQAM and MT Lab for his achievements.  


In 2021, we go crazy and realize the conversion of a third stage bus. We are touring 6 high schools as part of the Rendez-vous panqubecois de Secondaire en spectacles in May, in addition to participating in several festivals and events.  in municipalities. The Mixbus fleet is then complete!


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